[Premium] The Tasting: Kanosuke New Born 2020, Nikka Session

Text: Mamoru Tsuchiya, with tasting notes provided by tasters where noted
Photos: Ayumi Fujita (bottles)
Translation: Whiskey Richard

This article originally appeared in Japanese in Whisky Galore Vol.23 / December 2020.

Kanosuke New Born 2020

Kanosuke New Born 2020 is new pot distilled in August 2018, then aged for 24 months in white oak casks. The malt is peated and from the UK. Bottled at cask strength.

Japanese New Born / 58% abv / 200ml / 3000-6000 yen / Komasa Jyozo

87 Aroma: Nuts, toast. Sweetness of honey and vanilla. Leather belt. A light and easy aroma with a hint of smokiness.
Flavor: Sweet, apple, peach. Strong and spicy, sea spray. After smoke, a lingering sweetness. It feels young but not rough around the edges.
Overall: Could be good on the rocks. A whisky good in front of a campfire or fireplace. Nice balance of aroma and flavor.
85 Aroma: Smoked fish, mashed potatoes sprinkled with salt. smoked ginger-style rock candy, with apple juice and warmed almonds deeper.
Flavor: Apples roasted on a campfire relentlessly covered in black pepper, strong alcohol, burnt wood smoke, boiled olives, burnt malt.
Overall: Exceptionally stable. Better enjoyed with a few drops of water to bring out more sweetness from the cask.

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