[Premium] The Tasting: Akkeshi, Saburomaru, Chichibu, Akashi, Asagimadara, Nagahama, Ume Gin

Text: Mamoru Tsuchiya, with tasting notes provided by tasters where noted
Photos: Ayumi Fujita (bottles)
Translation: Whiskey Richard

This article originally appeared in Japanese in Whisky Galore Vol.24 / February 2021.


The long-awaited full bottle single mat from Akkeshi Distillery. Kanro is the 17th of 24 solar terms, expressing Japan's seasons. The naming of each bottle going forward will be a different term. 55% abv is the targeted abv.

Japanese Single Malt / 55% abv / 700ml / 10000-20000 yen / Kenten Jitsugyo


89 Aroma: Sea spray, smoky, and BBQ coals. Bacon with maple syrup. The warmth of a hearth and firewood, with a sweet aroma.
Flavor: Smooth and gentle with a light touch. Umami and sweet. Please smokiness. Bitter chocolate comes after saltiness.
Overall: A uniqueness that holds its own while remaining delicate. Maybe better with grilled fish rather than meat. A quiet yet attractively complex man.
86 Aroma: A walk in a meadow, mushrooms cooked with ginger and cloves, sea wind warmed by smoking fish, and malt.
Flavor: Pepper spice, toasted barley, BBQ smoke, a touch of anise, grassy herb texture turns to oily citrus, olives, and the finish leaves alcohol and brine.
Overall: The multi-layered structure makes the heart race; the young age is an accent. Confront this one slowly.

This is an exclusive article from Whisky Galore, Japan's only whisky/spirits magazine. It has six more bottle reviews.

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